The final two exhibiting artists have been added to the site. Kitty Hari and Anouk Slegers

Anouk was born into a creative and arty Dutch family and thought to become an art restaurateur. However it was not until she was able to take lessons from the famous Malaga based classical painter Juan Bejar, that she became familiar with the old masters’ techniques.

After spending long hours with Juan in his studio, she made the decision to become a full time artist. She combines classical style and techniques with modern layering, and adds her own surrealistic images and classical symbols to tell her stories. The sometimes ”sweet” images seem emotionally frozen and mostly contain a deeper meaning. It is up to the viewer to interpret it. She is inspired by her tutor, but also by the surrealists, symbolism, books, movies and music.

Anouk has not long been working full time as a painter, but her paintings are quickly gaining recognition, both in Spain and in The Netherlands. As a participant at Art Fair Eindhoven in April of 2015, she was awarded by the jury and the public as most appreciated artist. This award opened many doors to her painting career. Anouk was recently awarded a prestigious 4th place out of more than 1000 painters in the National van Gogh competition in the Dutch Museum in Breda.

“ We are honoured and delighted to be able to show Anouk’s work in Kitty Harri’s Sculpture Garden. Anouk is a modest and unpretentious person and artist, with a very great talent.

I find her work inspiring, quirky, mysterious, always putting a smile on my face. As if not enough, she is astonishingly accomplished in technique and the sheer quality of her execution is rare today.”
Kitty Harri about Anouk Slegers