About my partially glazed stoneware bird bath called Lucy – I would like to keep her but my house would turn into even more of a museum to my art, so I trust she will find a good home where she will be truly appreciated. I really like the way her body is relaxing and hugging the shape of the bowl. I would like to see her being used by the birds though, see how they interact with her, where they sit and how she would age over time in someone’s garden.

I created her as part of a demonstration of art at the Kitty Harri sculpture garden near Jete. I felt awkward working in front of so many passers by, however one person proved really helpful when I was struggling with what to do with her legs. So I yanked them off and gave her a fish tail instead and voila, a mermaid was born!

During the opening night of SaloArte exhibition my archaeologist friend went running up to this bird bath sculpture squealing in glee. I was so happy to have such a response, however she bypassed my sculpture and headed straight for the iron age pottery in the cabinet above her. Oh well, I wonder if fragments of my ceramic sculptures will turn up in a thousand years time and create such a buzz?